Chris Rock on Rap Music

Quote 1 : “I`m tellin` you! They hate rap! Now Tupac was gunned down on the Las Vegas Strip after a Mike Tyson fight. Now, how many witnesses do you need to say some shit before you arrest somebody? Shit, more people saw Tupac gettin` killed than the last episode of Seinfield! ”

Quote 2 : “All of the good rappers are dead! All of the good ones! Biggie is dead, Tupac`s dead! Vanilla Ice, still alive! The gouvernament hates rap!”

Quote 3 : “You wanna tell me they could find Saddam Hussein in a fuckin` hole, but you can’t tell me who shot Tupac? Shit! They found Saddam Hussein in fuckin` Irak! Tupac got shot in Vegas! And not on the side streets, but on the fuckin` Strip! In front of Circus-Circus! That`s fucked up, the whole world is fucked up!”

M-a facut sa rad cu lacrimi desi l-am vazut pentru a 5-a oara. =))=))=))


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